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Contact Information

Construction Services Department: 936-0264
Campus address: 326 E Hoover 1002

Name Phone Number Email Address
Paul Guttman
Associate Director
936-0167 Paul Guttman (get address) (
Catherine Newton
Administrative Specialist
647-2053 Catherine Newton (get address) (
Jeanette Craft
Secretary Intermediate
936-0264 Jeanette Craft (get address) (
Secretary 615-0639
Construction Engineering Managers
Name Phone Number Email Address
Joshua Christenson 936-1553 Josh Christenson (get address) (
David Hawks 764-4850 David Hawks (get address) (
Alan Swan 615-1792 Alan Swan (get address) (
Operations Manager
Name Phone Number Email Address
Amy Marquardt 764-5735 Amy Marquardt (get address) (
Construction Services Senior Supervisors
Name Phone Number Email Address
Mark Allain 763-2115 Mark Allain (get address) (
Mark Bevington 647-2860 Mark Bevington (get address) (
Steven Bird 647-2845 Steven Bird (get address) (
Craig Delap 936-7547 Craig Delap (get address) (
Charles Dixon 647-2870 Charles Dixon (get address) (
Patrick Doyle 936-4798 Patrick Doyle (get address) (
Jack Duey 615-8179 Jack Duey (get address) (
Kurt Groeneveld 936-1960 Kurt Groeneveld (get address) (
Taylor Jackson 615-9631 Taylor Jackson (get address) (
Matthew Plave 936-4524 Matthew Plave (get address) (
Richard Wilding 647-2056 Richard Wilding (get address) (
Benjamin Zick 763-3067 Benjamin Zick (get address) (
Mark Zielinski 647-2865 Mark Zielinski (get address) (
OPEN 647-2850
Construction Services Associate Supervisors
Name Phone Number Email Address
Stephen Brunger 936-4528 Stephen Brunger (get address) (
Mara Cooley 615-2428 Mara Cooley (get address) (
Gregory Fox 763-1925 Greg Fox (get address) (
Adam Shankland 764-7158 Adam Shankland (get address) (
Estimate Coordinator
Name Phone Number Email Address
Ryan Bloom 936-0730 Ryan Bloom (get address) (

To request services see "Obtaining Work Orders".

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