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Our vision of the ideal Construction Services includes the best of what we are doing now and the areas we want to improve. The ideal Construction Services (CS) is very responsive to customers’ needs. (We’re defining customer as those external to CS who pay us to perform work.) Our customers are able to count on the CS staff to “look out for” the customers’ interests. Honesty and masterful work are hallmarks of the ideal CS; work performed by vendors and temporary employees meet the same high standards of quality and timeliness. Lines of communication among CS members and between CS and our customers are well maintained. The ideal CS has excellent systems for hiring and retaining motivated and talented people who can balance the demands of home life and work life. Continuous training in our respective specialty areas keeps us on the leading edge, and contributes to the “Michigan difference.”

The ideal CS operates as a cohesive team in which people treat each other with respect and value each others’ contributions to the group effort. All who work in Construction Services are scrupulously fair, consistently respectful, and lead by example. They are dependable; their word is their bond to their coworkers and customers.

The ideal hourly worker in CS is skilled in his or her trade, and motivated to see the needs of the customer met with more than the bare minimum of quality and courtesy. The ideal hourly worker is strongly motivated because he or she has a personal stake in the success of CS.

The ideal CS supervisor is a skilled manager, understanding the needs of both customers and workers. The supervisor acts as a facilitator, ensuring that customers receive the quality of work they deserve and that workers have the materials, tools and time to produce that quality work.

The ideal leader of CS has a vision that is clear enough and large enough to unify all CS staff in the pursuit of CS goals. The ideal leader sets the benchmark CS-wide for dependability, fairness and respectful treatment of others, including customers. The ideal CS leader ensures that supervisors and hourly workers have well-functioning systems for planning and support that enable them to manage their work effectively.

Adopted by the Labor Management Council and endorsed by Paul Guttman, Director of Construction Services, November 30, 2005.

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