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Computer Training

FMS proficiency is a skill required of many supervisors, managers and administrative personnel.
Classroom training is scheduled monthly to onboard new personnel and support the steady advancement of skills for others. Repeated training, combined with daily FMS work, is the best avenue to achieve expected proficiency for your job role. Read further for detail.

  • Newly hired supervisors, managers and administrative personnel are auto-assigned to their first FMS Training course by F&O Training.
  • After the first course, most will benefit from self-enrolling into this course again (and again) for interval training until job-specific proficiency is achieved. This especially applies to craft supervisors and managers whose contemporary responsibility is to manage daily work, use data for daily business decisions and apply important asset and business information when working with our campus customers. Self-enroll via LearnerWeb using the Calendar feature to repeat the “FMS New Employees and Supervisor Refresher” course as needed.
  • Build query and other progressive skills by attending Open Lab during the last 30 minutes of each FMS training event. This informal time supports 1:1 FMS assistance for absolutely anything, hands-on with experts.

Computer Training e.g. Google tools, Microsoft Office, CAD

U-M training resources support countless other computer training applications. Scroll this U-M webpage to link up your learning need. Choose the best instruction and format for you. Arrange permission & funding with your supervisor, if needed.

  • Tips for self-directed computer training
    • Arrange uninterrupted time and space to effectively learn new computer skills. The F&O Computer Training Room at 109 Madison can be reserved for this purpose during regular business hours.
    • If the online training provider grants a certificate at the end of your course and you want an official record of your training, ask your Training Contact for a Course ID number. Send a copy of your certificate, with the Course ID provided, to the F&O Business Office for training record entry.

Content modified: Aug 1, 2017