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Programs and Courses (For Supervisors, other non-bargained staff)

Orientation for New Plant Employees

A half-day program scheduled for every new Plant employee. The supervisor or home department will notify a new employee of the date and details.

Supervisor Safety Development Program

Required of all field supervisors and managers, induction into this program is managed by the home department and Plant Academy. Successful completion of this program is Plant’s gateway to a supervisor’s option for national safety certification.


This set of courses is required for Plant supervisors and indivdual courses attended by all others with supervisor permission.

FMS Training

A critical competency for Plant supervisors and business/administrative professionals.

Practical Supervisor Series

Specific and restricted to newly hired/promoted supervisors. A one-day classroom program covers “nuts and bolts” while FMS and an hour of POCC (Call Center) shadowing complete central onboarding.

Supervisor Leadership Certificate Program

A survey of leadership and management topics relevant to higher education facilities professionals.A core set of coursework is joined by elective classes and a project demonstration to complete the certificate requirement.

Front line training - Plant Academy courses

With supervisor approval, front-line/bargained-for employees are eligible to take a Plant Academy course. Recommended courses are selected from Diversity, Introduction to Facilities Management, and Supervisor Leadership.

Introduction to Facilities Management Certificate Program

Our organizational knowledge track. Classes have been updated to align with F&O restructuring, with F&O unit leaders sharing knowledge of organizational changes and impacts for internal and Campus operations. For those interested in national APPA examination and certification (EFP/CEFP), completion of this program is highly recommended as a local organizational knowledge foundation before registering for the exam.

Content modified: Oct 27, 2016