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Introduction to Facilities Management (IFM) Program

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Introduction to Facilities Management (IFM) Program equips facilities professionals with broad organizational knowledge.

This program features both a certificate-level and individual courses for selection. Completion of all courses is required for certificate and required of Plant supervisors and others assigned to the IFM Learning Track in LearnerWeb. FUN Members are also eligible for certificate-level. All others may select a course or two of special interest to attend.

IFM: An Overview

The facilities management professionals and their staffs have the decision-making responsibilities that cover a wide range of business, management, and technical areas. The facilities management field demands knowledge and skills in the areas of planning, finance, administration, project design and implementation, human resource development, and operations and maintenance. This course will provide you with an overview of facilities management at the University of Michigan. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Plant Administrative Services

Plant Administrative Services processes payroll, vendor payments, reports, service unit billing and provides computer systems to support Plant Operations. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Plant Materials and Purchasing

The purchase, supply organization systems, and delivery of materials is an integral component to campus facilities management. This presentation will introduce participants to the undercurrent of this operation beneath a majority of work orders and the critical policies and procedures which accompany materials management in higher education facilities. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Work Management

Work Management serves as the single point of contact for Plant Operations with our clients in the campus community. Using the Facilities Management System, Work Requests are created, triaged and sent to the responsible shop for completion. Work Management is also responsible for all estimates and preventive maintenance planning. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Plant Building and Ground Services

Plant Building and Grounds Services maintains facilities and grounds by providing a safe and pleasant environment. PBGS includes waste and recycling, the heavy equipment garage, campus landscape architecture, and grounds services such as turf, forestry, horticulture, and irrigation maintenance for the Ann Arbor campus. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance provides 24 hour building maintenance, operation and environmental monitoring of campus buildings and facilities. Centralized service shops include HVAC, Plumbing, Pumps, Steam Distribution & Insulation, Electrical, Fire Systems, Elevators, Roofing, Metal Crafts and Machine Repair. Geographically distributed Zone Maintenance teams serve Campus, University Hospitals and Health Centers. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Utilities & Plant Engineering and Sustainability

Utilities and Plant Engineering provides for the purchasing, generation, distribution, conservation, and accounting of utilities for the University. Provides engineering for operations, maintenance, energy management, and utilities for Plant Operations. Sustainability has been added as well. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Architecture, Engineering and Construction

AEC plans and manages the design and construction of new facilities, additions, renovations, utility and infrastructure improvements. By managing the design and construction of campus projects, AEC assures that all projects will be constructed in accordance with University and State of Michigan criteria for quality design including economics of construction and operation. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Construction Services

Construction Services provides the University community with all the resources, skills, equipment and knowledge of a full service contractor. The department also consists of the following internal shops: Cabinet, Sign, Glass and Upholstery. For all these areas, precise and accurate estimates are given upon request. Plant Materials and Moving Services is a support service to the maintenance, construction and utilities work groups within Plant Operations. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Parking & Transportation

Parking and Transportation is responsible for providing the campus community with safe, reliable transportation options and safe, convenient parking choices. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (OSEH)

Occupational Safety and Environmental Health and its specialized program areas lead the University and support the surrounding community through partnership, guidance, and education to promote health, safety, protection and enhancement of the environment and regulatory compliance. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS)

Division of Public Safety and Security is responsible for providing a safe and secure campus community through protection, emergency preparedness and security services. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Mechanical Systems and Walking Tour

As facilities professionals, we are responsible to the operation, maintenance and use of our buildings. But how much do we know about what is actually behind the building walls bringing the building to life? This session of the IFM program focuses on understanding the mechanical systems that we rely on daily. What are the systems, how to they interrelate and how are they controlled? This program answers these and other questions. Register on LearnerWeb

IFM: Electrical Systems, Roofs & Elevators

This session is a companion to `Mechanical Systems` and is geared toward providing more technical knowledge to facilities professionals. It focuses on electrical distribution and the electrical systems that power our facilities. We also go in depth on other structural elements of facilities: Roofs and vertical transportation, also known as elevators and escalators. Register on LearnerWeb

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At Michigan, IFM program completion is a prerequisite of the exam.

Content modified: Jul 8, 2016