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Who Attends Plant Academy training?

A majority of Plant Academy programs apply to any professional engaged in a facilities services function at U-M. Primary target audiences of Plant Academy include:

  • Plant supervisors who seek continuing education after completion of their assigned learning tracks
  • U-M Facilities & Operations supervisors and managers (external to Plant department)
  • FUN members Facilities Users Network
  • U-M Housing Facilities supervisors and building managers
  • other Plant or U-M facilities employees who have an interest in our topics and not otherwise assigned by a learning track and are permanent U-M employees. With supervisor permission, single course enrollment can be arranged by working with the supervisor or contacting Plant Academy.

Enrollment exceptions

  • Practical Supervisor: Plant supervisors only. Exceptions must be approved by your A.D.
  • U-M Facilities Professional Certificate Program: campus professional facilities affiliates hired by schools, colleges, institutes, centers, housing, hospital, athletics at any U-M campus. This is not open to Plant Operations employees.
  • Temporary employees and Bargained-for employees may attend a course or two with supervisor permission, but are not eligible for certification.

Content modified: Jul 14, 2015