Office of the Executive Director

Attendance Achievement Award

Goal Statement:

To encourage Plant Operations' employees to value a commitment to perfect attendance.

Description of Category:

Plant Operations values consistent and predictable attendance by our employees. This ensures the ability to complete scheduled work in a timely, efficient manner, and minimizes non-billable paid time. Therefore, an award shall be given to whose individuals who demonstrate their commitment to the Division by maintaining perfect attendance.

Award Criteria:

An Attendance Achievement Award will be given to employees who do not miss work, due to the following reasons, during a six month period from May through October, or November through April.

Excused time-no pay
Sick time
P-med or P-dent
Unexcused absences
Lost time due to on the job accidents
  Workers compensation claims
Disciplinary Lay off (DLO)
Leaves of absence (LOA)
Family care

Items exempted from criteria *:

Approved vacation time
Funeral leave
Civic duty
  Military duty
Educational/Training time

* The appropriate Department Manager may consider exceptions to these criteria on a case by case basis.

Winners of the Attendance Achievement Award will receive an Attendance Achievement Award certificate and 280 points.

Employee absences come from FMS data and the CARE team will forward the names of those eligible for the Attendance Achievement Award to the appropriate Department.

Content modified: April 15, 2013