Office of the Executive Director

Community Service Award

Goal Statement:

To recognize the community service activities of Plant Operations’ employees.

Description of Category:

Plant Operations values involvement in activities that strengthen the character of our employees, improve our community, and enhance the University’s presence within the community. Both Plant Operations-sponsored as well as individual employee community service involvement, in accordance with “Vision 2005” strategic plan, will be recognized. An award shall be given to whose individuals and/or groups demonstrating commitment to the community by donating their time and effort in its service.

Award Criteria:

A Community Service Award will be given to employees who demonstrate their commitment to the community by:

  1. Participating in hands-on volunteer activities, as an individual, which reflect positively on themselves, Plant Operations, and The University of Michigan.
  2. Participating in approved Plant Operations-sponsored group volunteer activities to assist the community and further enhance the image of The University of Michigan and its role in the community.

Activities must be consistent with the mission of the University, “Teaching, Research and Public Service.” The volunteer activity must be related to community service and cannot benefit religious or political organizations.

Another employee, supervisor, Associate Director, Director of Plant Operations, or the organization for which the service was provided may nominate individuals for a Community Service Award. These nominations will be reviewed by the CARE Team and winners of the Community Service Award will receive a letter from the Director of Plant Operations and 560 points.

An employee desiring not to be recognized for their efforts will not be required to accept the award and may remain anonymous.

Content modified: December 9, 2007