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Employee Suggestion Award

Goal Statement:

To recognize the efforts of employees who provide innovative ideas for improving processes, methods, or activities in the Plant Operations Division.

Description of Category:

Input from the employees performing the work is a valuable aspect of an empowered work environment. The ideas 20/20 suggestion award will reward those staff persons who submit realistic, implementable suggestions that benefit Plant Operations.

Award Criteria:

The ideas 20/20 award is available to all Plant Operations staff.

The staff member must sign all suggestions.

Suggestions should be innovative, and benefit Plant Operations by:

Suggestions must cite the specific area for improvement and include a brief analysis of the intended results with potential implementation strategies. A set time frame is not required.

Employees may be required to provide further detail if their suggestion is considered for implementation. To be eligible for a cash award, the employee may be asked to prepare a cost-benefit analysis and provide information resources.

Ideas should be original. If a proposal is a duplicate of one already received, it will not be eligible for consideration.

Suggestions cannot concern personal grievances, classification issues, or compensation.

Suggestions that are expectations of current job duties, as defined in classification descriptions, or specific assignment (either team related or individual) will not be considered.

Any evidence of collusion between employees to circumvent these criteria will be grounds for disqualification, and may lead to disciplinary action.

* This will include submissions to the Safety Activities & Suggestions Task Group.

Award Procedure:

Suggestions may be submitted to the supervisor, sent by E-mail, or sent to the Web site. You can access the form here.

The suggestions received will be forwarded to the Office of the Executive Director.

The Plant Operations Lead Team, or their representatives, will review and determine which suggestions can be implemented.

All staff who submit a suggestion that meets the criteria will receive a recognition letter, 280 points, and a small souvenir.

All staff who submits a suggestion that is implemented will receive a framed certificate and 840 points.

Staff whose suggestions result in yearly savings of $1000 or more for Plant Operations will be eligible to receive a cash award of up to 10% ($25,000 maximum) of the actual savings recorded over a two-year period. The award will be made in two yearly payments.

Content modified: Jun 9, 2015