Office of the Executive Director

Silver Arrow Award

Goal Statement:

To recognize Plant Operations Division employees for outstanding customer service.

Description of Category:

Plant Operations values employees who exceed the expectations of our customers, both internal and external. Therefore, the Silver Arrow Award will recognize employees whose service helps to advance the efforts of the Plant Division to remain our customer's provider of choice.

Award Criteria:

Outstanding Plant Operations employees may be nominated for theirexceptional customer serviceby University faculty, staff, students, or guests.

Nominated employees will receive a certificate (for the first nomination) or a letter (for second nomination and more) and 280 points (no more than 560 points per fiscal year). The nominator will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their nomination. These awards will be presented to the employee by their supervisor.

Employees may be nominated for a Silver Arrow Award several times, but are limited to 560 points per fiscal year.

Appropriate letters of commendation received by Plant departments may be attached to a Silver Arrow Award nomination form and forwarded to the Office of the Executive Director.

We encourage you to submit Silver Arrow Award nominations online : UM login req'd.

Plant Operations wants to reward employees who perform services which exceed the expectations of our customers. Customers, supervisors, and coworkers are encouraged to nominate employees whose actions have exceeded customer expectations in their service to the University for a Silver Arrow Award. Nominations should include the name of the individual, a description of specific actions the nominee performed and date of the occurrence.

Content modified: Nov 5, 2015