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C.A.R.E. Point Redemption at Computer Showcase

Please use the following process when redeeming CARE points at Computer Showcase.

Note: In the interest of good customer service for all, the Computer Showcase has a couple black out periods for CARE point redemption requests.

It's especially difficult for the Computer Showcase to give attention to all business needs at the start of the Fall and Winter Terms and during the final week or so in December. They try to give first priority to those people who physically make a trip there, and student staffing becomes less and less especially as December rolls in.

It is especially important in December to ask for these requests well in advance, especially as the holiday break approaches and the Computer Showcase closes for a week or more.

Therefore, the Computer Showcase will not accept CARE point redemptions during the week before Fall Term begins through the first week of classes and also from December 15th through the first week of Winter Term classes.

Determine the number points you have (log in to the CA Short site or contact the CARE Team). Multiply the number of points by .10 to calculate the dollar and cents value (e.g. 2,890 points = $289.00).

NOTE: There has been a change to the procedure for redeeming points at Computer Showcase. The person redeeming points is responsible for the sales tax and will get a gift certificate with a specified dollar amount that can be used like cash at the Computer Showcase. If desired, the points redeemed can be adjusted to cover the sales tax, e.g. 1060 points redeemed for a $100 gift certificate, alternatively 1000 points redeemed for a $100 gift certificate if taxes will be paid out of pocket.

Fill out and print the Departmental Request for Computer Products or Repairs form from the Computer Showcase website.

You will need to enter the following data:

Take the form and your UM ID to Lukeland Gentles (1239 Kipke Drive, Room 2300) to authorize or send the form to Luke via your UM email account. Computer Showcase will notify you when the certificate is ready for pickup. Be sure to bring your UM ID when picking up your gift certificate. The Computer Showcase will retain a copy and forward it along with a copy of the receipt to Lukeland after your gift certificate is picked up.

Content modified: January 2, 2013