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Service Guide Appendices

  1. Plant Operations Acronyms
  2. University Street Maps
    a. Central & South Campus
    b. Medical & North Campus
  3. Sample Forms
    Plant Operations Work Order Fax Form
    Plant Operations Work Order for on line request
    Plant Operations: Estimate Request Form
    Plant Operations: Air Conditioning refrigerant removal form (pdf)
    Plant Operations; Grounds: Snow Removal Form
Plant Operations Acronyms
A/CAir Conditioning
ADAssociate Director
AECWhat FMS was once named.
AECPlant Extension - Architecture, Engineering & Construction (Plant Extension - AEC)
AESPlant Extension - AEC, Architectural & Engineering Services (previously FP&D)
AHUAir Handling Unit
BASBuilding Automation Systems
BGFBuilding Services General Fund
CGContracting Group (part of Construction Services)
CMCorrective Maintenance (now Preventative Maintenance)
COSCentral Order Services(now the Facilities Service Center)
CPPCentral Power Plant
CRTCustomer Response Team
CSConstruction Services
CSRCustomer Service Representative
DDCDirect Digital Controls
DPSDepartment of Public Safety
EWOCEmployee Working out of Classification
F & OFacilities & Operations
FIXITPhone number for Housing Maint (3-4918)
FMFacilities Maintenance
FMEFacilities Management Enterprise (FMS old name)
FMSFacilities Management Systems
FP&DFacilities Planning & Design (see AES)
GFGeneral Foreman
GFGeneral Fund
GGFGrounds General Fund
GWMGrounds & Waste Management
HVACHeating Ventilation and Cooling
LSALiterature Science & Arts
MGFMaintenance General Fund
NCNorth Campus
NIBNorth Ingalls Building
NPDNotice of Proof and Disability Form
OBSOutlying Boiler Services
OSEHOccupational Safety Environmental Health
PAPlant Academy
PB&GSPlant Building and Grounds Services
PBOPlant Business Office (now PPAPO)
PCIPlant Computer Institute
PIFPlant Information Files (now FMS)
PITPlant Implementation Team
PMPreventative Maintenance
PM&MSPlant Material & Moving Services
POLTPlant Operation Lead Team
POOPPlant Operations Orientation Program
FSCThe Facilities Service Center (formerly FSC)
POWPlant Operations Web team
PPAPOPlant Payroll and Accounts Payable (previously Plant Business Office)
SOASStudent Organizations Accounts Services
SPHSchool of Public Health
UMHUniversity of Michigan Hospital
UMSUtilities and Maintenance Services (previous name for departments in Plant)
UPEUtilities & Plant Engineering
UPELTUtilities & Plant Engineering Lead Team
UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
VFDVariable Frequency Drive
VSDVariable Speed Drive
WCWork Management
WCRWork Management Region
WOWork Order (now Work Order)
WRWork Order

NOTE: For service or maintenance needs, call the Facilities Service Center: 647-2059. Although Plant Operations services are quite comprehensive, there are some services you may think we provide but don't. Here's a listing of other campus-related services and departments you may need to call:

Campus Mail Service764-9227
City of Ann Arbor Public Works Dept.994-2818
Department of Public Safety (DPS)763-1131
F & O Public Information Officer936-2323
F & O Wellness Coordinator647-4796
Hospital Maintenance963-5054
Housing Facilities (FIXIT)763-4948
IT Communication Services (ITCom)763-2000
Occupational Safety & Environmental Health (OSEH)647-1143
Parking Maintenance Office764-1225
Plant Academy647-0831
Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)763-3020
AEC - Architecture & Engineering764-3414
AEC - Construction Management Services764-2457
AEC - Interior Design Services764-8294
Plant Purchasing936-1592
Plant Stores764-2467
Printing Services764-6230
Property Disposition764-2470
Risk Management764-2200

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