Forestry Staff

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Mike Rutkofske InterimCampus Forester 763-5539 Mike Rutkofske (get address) (
Jane Immonen Forestry Assistant 763-5539 Jane Immonen (get address) (

Forestry Crew

Our Forestry Crew is responsible for the trimming, inspection, fertilizing, water and disease prevention of the trees on campus. We also remove and plant new trees as necessary. All of the information about these trees is stored in our Tree Inventory Database.

Here is the number of trees we maintain on campus:

Number of trees by Horticulture Management Zone or Area of Campus 16041389 1039167418001643

Regular Services Provided

The Tree Crew provides all of the following services:

 [Image, Tree Leaf woodcut]
  • Trim, prune and remove diseased or hazardous trees.
  • Fertilize, water and mulch trees.
  • Performs elm tree injection.
  • Performs cabling, cavity filling as needed.
  • Sprays to control insects, pests and diseases, as needed.
  • Coordinates Integrated Pest Management program.
  • Manages yard waste composting site for leaves, wood waste and other plant materials.

About Campus Trees

Campus Forestry Management Plan

The University campus, located in Ann Arbor- the "city of trees"- is home to over 16,000 trees. The Central Campus area also known as the "Original Forty" Acres is the area bordered by South University, State, North University and Church Streets. The Original 40 is home to nearly 1200 trees. The most prevalent shade tree genus is maple (Acer) that comprises 13% of the area population. The most prevalent ornamental tree genus is crabapple (malus) that comprises 10%.

A portion of the North Campus area is known as the "Engineering Core" area is bordered by Bonnisteel Blvd., Murfin, Hayward, and Beal Streets. It is home to 795 trees. The area has smaller, newer trees compared to the "Original Forty." The North Campus has a unique landscape feature compared to the Central Campus due to the 325 acres of woodlands and meadows

Regarding species management, the Office of Landscape Architecture and the Grounds Department have the goal of using predominantly native species in this area and having no more than 10% of any one species throughout the Ann Arbor campus.

Donating Trees to the University

For information about donating or dedicating a tree on the University campus, contact the University Planner's Office at 764-2455 or write to Sue Gott, University Planner.

Student Opportunities with Trees & Forestry [image, foresters working]

If you are interested in applying for a job, apply on-line now!

If you are interested in other opportunities in Grounds check out Groundskeeping, Horticulture and Turf Crew.


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