Recycle @ UM
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Campus Building Recycling

Most buildings on campus have recycling services for cardboard, paper and containers. In these buildings, staff and visitors will find bins labeled for [image of yellow recycables lable] in hallways and office areas. Both paper and containers should be placed in these bins. Cardboard boxes should be emptied, flattened and set next to recycling bins.

* Note, containers that once held chemicals require special handling before recycling. Call Waste Management Services at 763-5539 or email Recycle (get address) ( for specific instructions.

Custodial staff empties all recycling bins and transports the material to larger recycling dumpsters at the building loading docks. Call the Plant Operations Call Center at 647-2059 if you have questions about the emptying of bins inside your building.

Office-Recycling Program

 [Photo, Recycle bin with Side-Saddle attached]

Plant Building Services and Grounds & Waste Management provide new recycling opportunities to office occupants. Desk side recycling bins are outfitted with a “side-saddle” for trash.

The smaller size of the sidesaddle is meant to discourage throwing away recyclables.

What Happens on the Dock?

Waste Management Services collects refuse and recyclables from these areas. Refuse is collected from brown trash dumpsters and recycling is collected from blue recycling dumpsters. Please note UM Waste Management Services only handles recyclables and refuse collections from the dock on, not inside of the buildings.

How Do I Request Additional Side-Saddles or Central Recycling Bins?

For additional recycling materials, please call the Plant Operations Call Center at 647-2059. For buildings not serviced by Plant Building Services, please email Recycle (get address) (

Medical School Area

Most buildings of the UM Medical School are included in the campus-recycling program. These include:

All recyclable materials from the Medical School complex are brought to the recycling dumpster located at Dock 2 by Building Services custodial staff.

Content modified: Nov 4, 2015