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This effort supports the University of Michigan's sustainability goal of reducing waste sent to landfills by 40% by 2025.

The Recycler's Guide to Moving
    and Relocating on Campus

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If your University department or office is moving to a new location on campus, here are some things to keep in mind to minimize the waste impact of your move, and to help ensure uninterrupted recycling and refuse service.

Services are only provided to University-owned buildings. If you move to a private off-campus location, then check with that building's manager or landlord for recycling and waste handling services.

Before You Pack

Think carefully about what items you will take and what you will discard. Don't pack files and papers that you don't intend to use in your new location. In cleaning out your old office, keep the following in mind.

Before You Move

Planning ahead is the best approach to moving. Here are things to keep in mind.

Leaving your Old Location:

  • Waste materials left at the loading dock above and beyond normal building trash can only be collected by Waste Management Services with special arrangements, at nominal cost.
  • Waste Management can deliver an additional trash dumpster for temporary use, at a small charge.
  • Obtain a Plant Department Work Order number for the above services by calling 647-2059 or using the online request form.
  • Items that will not fit into the trash dumpster (e.g., broken furniture, bulky items) require a special pick-up.
  • Scrap wood and scrap metal can be recycled if set aside from the regular trash at dock.
  • Call Waste Management Services several days in advance to schedule any of these services and ensure that materials are picked up promptly from the loading dock.

Arriving in your New Location:

  • The recycling containers inside buildings are property of Waste Management Services.Please call ahead for instructions about moving any containers.
  • Consult with Waste Management Services about purchasing suitable recycling containers for your new location.
  • Visit the loading dock to familiarize yourself with the recycling system and storage area.

After You Move

Keep up the recycling habit in your new location!

Content modified: Mar 2, 2016