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Recycling Off-Campus Is Easy Too!

Ann Arbor Curbside Recycling Program

Recycling off-campus is just as easy as recycling on-campus! The same recyclables that are acceptable in campus buildings are accepted by the City of Ann Arbor. The only difference is that instead of collecting your recyclables in your blue room tote, place your recyclables into City-provided recycling carts outside your house or apartment building.

Recycle Ann Arbor is contracted by the City of Ann Arbor to provide a comprehensive curbside recycling program for all single-family houses, multi-family apartment buildings, Cooperatives, and Greek houses. Recyclable materials are picked-up on a weekly basis, on the same day as regular trash collection. Residents are provided with recycling carts at NO CHARGE.

Everything, including cardboard, must fit inside the cart with the lid closed. Carts must be set-out for service by 7:00 AM on collection day. Get the curbside recycling collection day schedule here.

[photo, curbside recycling container]

For more information about curbside recycling or to request recycling carts, visit the Recycle Ann Arbor website or call (734) 662-6288.

For more information about trash collection and to request trash carts, visit the Ann Arbor Solid Waste Department or call the Ann Arbor 24-Hour Recycling Hotline (734) 99-GREEN.

Content modified: July 19, 2012