Plant Building and Grounds Services

Landscape Maintenance Work Plans

Each year the UM Grounds Department develops landscape maintenance work plans for the upcoming year. Work plans are developed for the following maintenance specialties:

Horticultural Maintenance
Turf Maintenance
Forestry Maintenance
Mowing and Hardscape Maintenance
Irrigation Maintenance

The work plans identify the types of work that need to be completed each week to achieve the standard service level goals for the area. They also estimate the number of labor hours that will be needed to complete the work. The labor hours are estimated by multiplying the square or linear feet of land use by the number of frequencies by a time standard. The UM Grounds Department uses time standards developed by the Professional Grounds Management Society.

Adjustments to the work plans are made each year to reflect changes in the land use, priority designation, or service levels.

The work plans serve as a guideline to our supervisory and technical staff. Weather and other factors impact the application of the work plan however overall they provide an accurate depiction of the landscape maintenance being done at the University of Michigan.

View Samples of Work Plans

Horticultural Maintenance (Adobe pdf )
Turf Maintenance (Adobe pdf )
Forestry Maintenance (Adobe pdf )
Mowing and Hardscape Maintenance (Adobe pdf )
Irrigation Maintenance (Adobe pdf )

Content modified: March, 2007