Waste Management Services

Waste Management Services

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Waste Management Services (WMS) provides solid waste collection and environmental services for the University of Michigan’s academic and outlying properties. With our modern and well maintained fleet, our staff is on call 5 AM to 1 PM, 6 days per week, to collect and dispose of non-hazardous waste and recyclable materials. Our fleet includes: four 40 yard compactor trucks, two 25 cubic yard compactor trucks, a roll off truck, and a variety of other utility and transport vehicles. The Waste Management staff are experts in their field and are well equipped to handle all of the U-M’s carting needs.

Sam Moran
Operations Foreman
Recycle (get address) (
Phone: 734-763-5539

*Questions or concerns about a building’s refuse and/or recycling pick up schedule? Please call 763-5539.

Our core services include:

Solid Waste Collection and Disposal

Solid Waste Collection and Disposal: With daily refuse collection routes we are able to service the university community 6 days a week. In the event that a location is in need of an extra pick up, please call 763-5539. Please view the refuse pricing guide.
  • Building or Office Clean Outs: Please plan ahead for building or office clean outs. Waste Management can provide extra containers for refuse and recycling. Please call 763-5539.

Construction and Demolition Waste Collection and Disposal

Construction and Demolition Waste Collection and Disposal: With a large supply of roll off containers ranging from 10 - 30 yards WMS has the ability to remove construction debris or refuse from on and off campus sites. Please call Plant Operations Call Center at 647-2059 to request a work order for this service. Request shop R1001. Refuse Pricing Guide.

Recycling and Food Waste

Requesting information about recycling at the UM is easier than ever by contacting us at Recycle (get address) ( or visit our website Recycle @ UM.

Scrap wood, Scrap Metal, Bulky Items

Scrap wood, Wood Pallets, Scrap Metal, Filters and Bulky Items: are collected and brought to appropriate locations for processing. Please separate by material and put in the buildings dock area, or dedicated refuse and recycling location. Bulky items (i.e. large boxes and crates) need to be broken down prior to pick up. Please call 763-5539 to arrange for pick up. Refuse Pricing Guide.

Installation, Service and Maintenance of Compactors and Dumpsters

Installation, Service and Maintenance of Compactors and Dumpsters: Waste Management strives to keep the UM campus and properties clean and functional. If your location is in need of a compactor/dumpster repair please call 763-5539. We will always provide temporary dumpsters in case the onsite compactor or dumpster is temporarily removed.

Street Sweeping Services

Street Sweeping Services: Please call 763-5539 between the hours of 6 AM - 4:30 PM. For after hour please call the Plant Operations Call Center at 647-2059.

Heavy Equipment Services

Heavy Equipment Services: Please call Sam Moran at 763-5539 for scheduling.

Waste Management Services does not charge for recycling pickups for their refuse customers.

Waste Management Refuse Collection Pricing Guide
Refuse Bulk$7.61Cu Yard
Refuse Compactor$16.40Cu Yard
Refuse Overflow$18.00Cu Yard
Scrap Wood$18.00Cu Yard
Scrap Metal$0.00Cu Yard
Food Waste$12.50Per Cart
Dumpster Delivery$25.00Per Unit
Roll Off10 YD15 YD20 YD30 YD
Scrap Wood$200.00$300.00$325.00$350.00
Scrap Metal$200.00$300.00$325.00$350.00

Content modified: Feb 7, 2017