Building Automation / HVAC Controls

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John Gruden, Skilled Crafts Sr. Supervisor
Facilities Maintenance/Air Conditioning
326 E. Hoover Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1002

Phone: (734) 936-3259
Fax: (734) 936-3458
Email: John Gruden (get address) (

Tim Kennedy, BAS Manager
Email: Tim Kennedy (get address) (

The HVAC Controls/Building Automation Systems provides the following services:

Maintain all direct digital control equipment.

Calibrate and test input sensors: temperature, humidity, co2, air flow, and water flow

Install direct digital control equipment

Review blueprints and control diagrams to be sure that the information is correct as to how it relates to a proper "sequence of operation" for system control

Calculate and write up information for DDC points then install the database into the host system from a work terminal

Metering energy usage

Accurate reading of 200 steam condensate meters throughout the central, athletic and the medical campus

Energy Conservation Outreach
Energy Conservation Outreach (ECO) is a program to help building owners and managers make profitable investments in energy-efficient equipment and operations. Energy Conservation Outreach includes the following activities for the Green Lights Program:

The Air Conditioning/controls group's primary responsibility is Stage Two-Building tune up, a two-part process:

To request services see "Obtaining Work Orders".

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