Mechanical Systems/
Plumbing & Air Conditioning Departments


Aerik La Fave, General Foreman (Technical Trades Manager)
Facilities Maintenance/Mechanical Systems
326 E. Hoover Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1002
Phone: (734) 647-2081
Email:Aerik La Fave (get address) (
Craig Butcher, Program Manager
Office:(734) 647-2041
Fax:(734) 647-4965
Email:Craig Butcher (get address) (
Steve Snyder, Program Manager
Office: (734) 647-2038
Fax: (734) 647-4848
Nick Vanderkolk, Program Manager
Office: (734) 764-3045
Fax: (734) 936-3458
Email: Nick Vanderkolk (get address) (
Ed Schaedig, Project Coordinator
Office: (734) 615-0023
Fax: (734) 647-4848
Email: Ed Schaedig (get address) (
Christine Nedrow, Administrative Coordinator/Project Coordinator
Phone:(734) 936-3955
Fax:(734) 936-3458
Email:Chris Nedrow (get address) (

All maintenance and repair work is performed by skilled trades personnel who are specialists in their areas of expertise. A skilled Foreman, who is an expert in their field, supports each central shop.

The Plumbing Department is made up of the Plumbing and Steamfitting Shops. Please click the shop link listed below for a complete listing of the services provided. The Insulation Shop has been Regionalized. Click the link for a complete listing of services still provided from the Region locations

Plumbing Systems Shop
Pumps & Steam Systems Shop
Insulation & Asbestos Abatement

Air Conditioning Department personnel have been regionalized, but their core specialities are still available in their respective regions. These core specialities are Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Air Balance, HVAC Controls, and Temperature & Air Balance. Please click below for a more detailed listing of services provided.

Chiller Systems
Mechanical A/C Systems

Chiller Status Information:
Chiller Status-Seasonal Startup and Shutdowns
What does it take to get the Air Conditioning going in my building in the Spring?

Compliance instructions for Contractors and others performing EPA section 608 related service work at the U-M
Change-Add-Delete Form
Contractor Refrigerant Acquisition and Disposal Form 2C
Get Refrigerant Disposed (how to dispose of refrigerant containing appliances)
RCMS Service Order Form 2C
UM HVAC RCM Contractor Input Form
UM HVAC Refrigerant Equipment Input Form 1A

To request services see "Obtaining Work Orders".

Content modified: Jan 25, 2017