Project Coordination

What is it?

Project coordination involves a high focus toward a maintenance-specific project, i.e. one-for-one building or system components; replacement of like or similar mechanical pieces of equipment/systems; installation of singular craft large scale component or upgrades such as variable speed drives, coupon rack piping installations; and, some improvements specific to maintenance functionality and energy conservation. The majority of project coordination work falls within the definition of a maintenance project and is not architectural in nature.

The Project Coordinator is responsible for coordinating multiple shop/multiple trade projects involving Facilities Maintenance, Work Management, and various other departments in Plant Operations. Project coordination also supports the knowledge and training of the servicing staff through the installation process and commissioning.

How can you use this service?

Building facility managers, construction managers, Plant Operations engineers, supervisors, and others involved in multiple shop/multiple trade maintenance projects are encouraged to take advantage of Facilities Maintenance - Project Coordination. The service does come at a slight cost. When coordinating a project, the Coordinator will typically bill a work order at an hourly rate of less than $45 per hour. Our customers have found this charge to be money well-spent; resulting in projects that come in on-time; on-budget; and with the customer satisfied when the project is finished.

To get Facilities Maintenance – Project Coordination involved in a project, simply contact the Facilities Service Center (FSC) at 734-647-2059 or email at: FSC (get address) ( and request that the Facilities Maintenance – Project Coordinator (Shop M3000) be added to your work order.

More Information...

From time to time, the Project Coordinator is involved in other Facilities Maintenance activities. Coordinating shutdowns, assisting in problem resolution, meeting with customers on Work Management issues, following up on outstanding estimates, etc., are just a few of the other services the Coordinator is involved in. To request assistance with any of these additional services, simply contact the FSC at 734-647-2059 or email at: FSC (get address) ( and request the Facilities Maintenance – Project Coordinator contact you.

Content modified: Aug 25, 2017