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Training and Apprenticeship Programs

The Training & Apprenticeship unit coordinates the safety and technical training needs of the Facilities Maintenance department; coordinates all aspects of the Skilled Trades Apprenticeship program; proctors MECH exams; and collaborates with Plant Academy in diverse ongoing efforts such as the Plant Academy Coordinators (PAC) Team and the Practical Supervisor Program.

As members of the Training Administration and Compliance System (TACS) team, we are active in the development and maintenance of Plant Operations’ web-based, computerized learning management system, LearnerWeb.


Eugene Weincouff, Training Specialist Senior
Phone:(734) 936-2532
Fax:(734) 615-6933
Email:Eugene Weincouff (get address) (

Safety Training

Supervisor’s Guide to Safety Training

This document is meant to help guide you through our safety training process, in order to insure that all employees receive all of the safety training they need to safely do their jobs, and to keep the University in compliance with safety and health regulations.

New Employee Safety Orientation

It is important that all newly hired workers (permanent or temporary), EWOCs, and recent transferees to Plant receive this training as soon as possible after being hired or transferred...

Annual Safety Training Calendar

2016: Nov[image of file] Dec[image of file]
2017: Jan[image of file] Feb[image of file] Mar[image of file] Apr[image of file] May[image of file] Jun[image of file]
2017: Jul[image of file] Aug[image of file] Sep[image of file] Oct[image of file] Nov[image of file] Dec[image of file]


Please use the Facilities Maintenance “Travel Request Form(pdf ) for all training, seminars and conferences outside the University.


Apprenticeship Program

Are you interested in a rewarding career in the skilled trades? Do you have an excellent work record, knowledge of maintenance-related subjects, and excellent communication skills? You may be interested in applying for a position as a Skilled Trades apprentice. ...

Commercial Building Maintenance Program

Commercial Building Maintenance Certification program, a four-semester, 12 credit hour certification program was developed as a replacement for the BOMI Certification courses.

Safety Incentive Program

Here is a supervisor's quick reference guide to the Safety Incentive Program.
For an overview, read this Plant Exchange article about Plant Operations' Safety Incentive Program.

Campus and Hospital Maintenance Mechanics Advancement Programs

Hospital Maintenance Mechanics

Candidates for the MECH Certified designation must have a minimum of two years maintenance experience in a health care environment in order to take the exam....


Mech Exam Application
Safety Incentive Program - Quick Reference
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Tuition Support

Required Documents for Tuition Support Requests
Tuition Support Application

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