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Outstanding Service Awards

  • "Hi All!
    On behalf of Matt Navarre, Noel Perkins and myself we would like to express our gratitude and thanks to the following folks that were exceptional in helping us manage and move into the new GGB Addition. Each and everyone of them did an fantastic job in helping. We would especially like to thank:

    Doug… you came and met with us to go over the “big” moving plan and help us organize this. You showed your expertise in the advice you gave about what we would need (movers, packing materials, etc). Our organizing was better because of your input/help. You really came through for us and we appreciate that tremendously!

    Bill Fink and Derek Ginyard… you folks walked the labs with Matt and offered wonderfully helpful advice and provided significant leadership every day of the moves. Additionally, we would like to also let you know that John Green, Brian Stanfield, John Menke and Ken Seyfried were helpful, timely, focused and careful with every move they participated in. This really made the difference in how well this entire move was done! Please also share with Eric Reed, Tyler Inman, Nate Lewis and Drew Batton that they did a great job and were with us for most all of the moves. We were successful because of the effort and expertise given to us by UM Moving and Trucking and will always looks to you first for help.
    Congratulations to a job done beautifully!!!!"

    Merlis Nolan

  • "I hope this email finds you well! I am just writing to let you know that Gary and Andy were really wonderful this morning! They were on time, and super helpful. They had no issues at all setting up the step and repeat and it really looked great. They were also right on time to help take it down as well.

    Thanks again for all your help.
    Have a good day!"

    Katie S. Alexander, CMP

  • "Everything went very well yesterday. Your guys were very helpful, professional, and efficient. Again, I was amazed at how easy they made this job look. We really appreciated their attention to detail as they carefully maneuvered everything, patiently made sure that everything was just the way we wanted it, and helped us with the smaller details of the job. It is always a pleasure to work with your department and we really appreciate your guys coming all the way up here. Thanks for such exemplary service.


    Michelle Love Coeman

Content modified: February, 2010