Moving & Trucking

Obtaining Estimates and Work Orders

Plant Operations provides the University community with convenient online procedures and forms to request services. Online Estimate Procedures and an Estimate Request form are available or you may contact the Facilities Service Center directly at 647-2059.

Work Orders are obtained for the entire Plant Operations Department through the the Facilities Service Center Department. Use the online Work Order form or fax your request to 763-2932. Forms may also be mailed to: 326 E. Hoover Box 1002. Questions can be answered by calling the Facilities Service Center at 647-2059.

If you are scheduling a move to Property Disposition, please call Property at 764-2470 to set up a date, then put that date on the work order to assist us in handling your request as efficiently as possible. We ask that customers with a Property Disposition move send us a copy of their Declaration of Surplus form so that we can adequately staff the move. Thank you!

Content modified: Aug 25, 2017