Outlying Boiler Services (OBS)

OBS provides operations and maintenance services for small to medium sized heating boilers and large domestic water heaters in over 100 University buildings throughout the Ann Arbor campus area. The bulk of the OBS buildings are General Fund facilities, with the largest concentration on the North Campus. Most of the buildings in the Central Campus area are served from the Central Power Plant rather than OBS. [Image: This is boiler #4 in the Hoover plant
Hoover Boiler #4

[Image: This is the auto lab boiler getting its annual inspection]
Auto Lab Boiler #3 annual inspection


The mission of Outlying Boiler Services is to provide reliable and economical boiler operation and maintenance to all of its University customers. In addition, OBS provides emergency service, major maintenance and equipment replacement. As a part of the Plant Operations Department, OBS helps to provide an environment that is conducive to the University’s goal of providing world-class educational opportunities.

Content modified: May, 2006