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Electrical Operations (EO) is part of The University of Michigan Utilities Department. EO consists of the Primary Systems Electrical Shop, the Power & Lighting Electrical Shop and the Electrical Utilities Engineering Group.

Our combined staff of Electrical Trades, registered Professional Engineers, and Administration Professionals own and provide stewardship for the electrical distribution and outdoor lighting systems of the Ann Arbor campuses. EO strives to provide secure, reliable and efficient distribution and lighting systems and is responsible for:

  • Master planning to ensure the electrical system capacity supports future University growth
  • Planning to provide reliable power to new buildings, additions, and renovations in an economical manner
  • Operating, installing, testing, upgrading and maintaining the campus wide primary voltage electrical distribution system
  • Planning, maintaining, upgrading, and replacing building unit substations
  • Planning, maintaining, upgrading, and replacing outdoor lighting systems
  • Planning, designing, installing, and maintaining the electric utility metering and remote data retrieval systems
  • Providing electrical systems support to the Utilities Outlying Boiler and Tunnel Shops
  • Accurately monitoring building electrical consumption and approving electrical utility billing charges
  • Collaborating with AEC, UPO, Michigan Medicine and other departments to promote consistency of electrical installations
  • Collaborating with the Office of Campus Sustainability and other departments to promote electrical energy conservation and meet the University’s sustainability goals

We appreciate your interest, if you have any questions, comments, requests, or concerns please contact:

Brian Hall
Senior Manager - Electrical Operations

Electrical Operations

Office Location: 1110 E. Huron
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1631

Content modified: Oct 10, 2017