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Why Quality Assurance?
The objective of our building inspection program is to promote a proactive facilities steward philosophy. The inspectors inspect, evaluate and document the appearance of our buildings. With additional information on the buildings, Facilities & Operations managers and departments are able to plan appropriate cleaning and maintenance actions before our customers find the need to initiate a call.

How are Inspections Performed?
An inspection is a snapshot of a building by a third party. The inspectors report to the Associate Director of Work Management, leaving them as a third party to the departments within Facilities & Operations that are performing the custodial, maintenance and grounds work. The inspectors inspect a representative sample of each building by looking at random areas and floors and using a handheld device to report their findings which is then uploaded into our inspection program. Custodial inspections are based on the APPA (Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers) service levels 1 (Orderly Spotlessness) through 5 (Unkempt Neglect). Maintenance and Grounds inspections are given a 1(Pass) or 5 (Fail) score.

When are Inspections Scheduled?
The inspections are done randomly. Buildings with higher usage or more critical activities are done on a more frequent basis. Timing of inspections is often based on accessibility to the building as well.

How is Quality Assurance Information Shared?
Reports are distributed electronically to Facilities & Operations Managers and Supervisors as well as to the Building Facility Managers upon completion of an inspection in a building.

What happens after a report is generated?
The individual Facilities & Operations departments will follow up with items listed in the report and use the information for determining future standards and services. If a Building Facility Manager would like more information on the follow up, they are encouraged to contact the Facilities Service Center for further information at (734) 647-2059 or FSC (get address) (

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Content modified: Aug 25, 2017