Shutdown Coordination

Shutdown Coordination is responsible for coordinating and communicating critical utility and service outages to the University of Michigan campus community. An extensive database of information is used to effectively plan and communicate shutdowns.

Building facility managers, construction managers, Maintenance Supervisors and anyone else involved in arranging utility or building system shutdowns at the University of Michigan are asked to submit their shutdown request through the web, using our on-line form Shutdown Request Form.

How to enter a shutdown request (video)How to approve a shutdown request (video)

Link to Shutdown web application

Please give us a Heads Up at least 72 hours in advance if you are planning an event or activity that requires our attention.

For step by step instructions see how to schedule a shutdown.

Contact us!

Building facility managers and others involved in arranging or coordinating shutdowns are encouraged to send updated contact information to the Shutdown Scheduler at the following email address: Shutdowns (get address) (

Questions and comments about our shutdown coordination processes are encouraged. Please contact us through the Facilities Service Center at phone number 734-647-2059 or via email at FSC (get address) (

Content modified: Aug 25, 2017