Estimate Types / Turnaround Times

NON-FIXED PRICE ESTIMATE (5 - 10 Days Turnaround Time)

  • A non-fixed price estimate provides a general idea of project cost. This estimate will include some detail, a scope of work and sufficient information on which to base a "proceed" or "not to proceed" decision.
  • Non-fixed price estimates are not guaranteed quotes. Customers requesting a Non-fixed price estimate will receive the range of anticipated cost based on the complexity of the scope.
  • Turnaround time is 5- 10 business days, depending upon the scope of the estimate requested.
  • Non-fixed price estimates are provided at no cost to the customer.
  • Work approved for non-fixed price estimates will be performed on a time and material basis.

FIXED PRICE QUOTE (30 Days Turnaround Time)

  • A Fixed Price Quote provides a detailed guaranteed price and scope. Cost overruns are Plant Operations’ responsibility.
  • Turnaround time is 30 business days. NOTE: Field work requests will be written for customer initiated changes or if field conditions are encountered which could not be seen at the time the quote was prepared. All field work requests will be accompanied with the price of the additional work. No additional work will be performed without authorization.
  • Construction Services will provide fixed price quotes for any size project. Approved fixed price work for Construction Services projects can be performed on a fixed price (pay amount quoted) or time and material basis (pay what is spent, may be less than or exceed quoted price).
  • Work approved for fixed price quotes for shops other than Construction Services are only performed on a fixed price basis.
  • Facilities Maintenance shops will provide fixed price quotes for fabrication and new installation work exceeding $1,000 when detailed scope is provided.
  • Fixed Price Quotes are not available from the following shops:
    • Building Services (custodial)
    • Facilities Maintenance shops (service type work)
    • Moving and Trucking

All estimates/quotes provided are valid for a period of sixty days.

If the scope of an estimate requires engineering design, it will be redirected to Utilities and Plant Engineering (UPE) or Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC). Should this be required, the requestor will be notified and informed of possible costs and on how to proceed.

Content modified: June 28, 2012